At Macarons Galore, we work very hard in crafting the best macarons available on the market. All our macarons are made to order using premium ingredients, therefore we ask for a minimum of 3 weeks notice when placing your order. Our macarons are piped and assembled individually with extra care.


What is a French Macaron?

A French Macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection made with eggs, sugar and ground almond, and sometimes food colouring. Macarons are filled with either a buttercream or a chocolate ganache sandwiched between two meringues.

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 Macaron Flavours Selection 

*Vanilla and white chocolate





*White chocolate

*Earl Grey tea



*Salted caramel



*Dark chocolate

*Terry's Chocolate

*After Eight


*Coconut & lime



All our macarons contain nuts